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Wide Gauge Thicknessing Needed Hi I have joined pine battens to make a bench top but they have warped. Looking for someone with a milling machine or thickness planer that can handle wood 900mm x 3700mm x 63mm. I can transport it locally within Edinburgh, Central and South Scotland area. Thanks.
Central belt, Scotland
Advert Start Date: 9/6/21
Contact: Colin The Alchemist
Kiln-Drying Service We are a small-scale kiln-drying company.
We use a dehumidifier kiln and each unit can take up to 6m3 depending on dimensions of timber and can do full or part-loads. Prices start from £350/m3 (£10/ft3) up to £700/m3 (£20/ft3).
Advert Start Date: 5/7/19
Contact: Kevin Bolger
M: 07795 663792
Alaskan Chainsaw Milling Services 14 year Careered Arborist is also offering his Mobile Milling Services.

Areas currently covered, but not restricted to are:

London & Surrounding Areas.
Reading to Basingstoke.
Northamptonshire & Oxfordshire.
Herefordshire & Surrounding Areas.

South Wales:
Torfaen, Newport, Cardiff & Surrounding Areas.
South Wales
Advert Start Date: 26/3/19
Contact: Andrew Halfhide
M: 07588 149308
Looking for a Planer / Thicknesser Service I looking for a local service offering planing/thicknessing.
I have lots of walnut slabs which need to be planed to exact size.
Southampton, Hampshire
Advert Start Date: 22/4/22
Contact: Michal Kowalski
M: 07453 501306
Wood Chipping Service Available Cornwall / Devon Valtra and Heizohack 8-400 available with operator for chipping. this setup is ideal for farms/small estates and other Biomass users.

Available throughout Devon and Cornwall for one of jobs or as part of our routine chipping round.
Advert Start Date: 12/7/21
Contact: Dave Mathews, Combined Tree Services
T: 01209 714796
M: 07790 206316
Mobile Sawmilling Service - Agent for Wood-Mizer I provide a Mobile Sawmill service. I am based in the Scottish Borders but will travel all over. I have over 21 years experience. I have a Wood-Mizer LT40 with Hydraulics.
For more details contact me.
I am also an agent for Wood-Mizer for sales and training.
Scottish Borders
Advert Start Date: 11/8/20
Contact: Keith Threadgall
M: 07789 551686
Mobile Sawmilling with Alaskan mill available for Hire with Operator text: Mobile Sawmill Service based in Hertfordshire covering surrounding areas.
Chainsaw mill limited access no issue, can be taken into any back garden. Low impact on surrounding environment
1400mm max diameter, up to 8m in length cutting.
Wind-blown tree removal and logging service also available.
We can also buy unwanted hardwood logs for cash.
Harpenden, Herts
Advert Start Date: 29/6/20
Contact: Dariusz Silarski
M: 07853 310425
Specialist Milling Service and Material Supply in Wales. If you need sawn materials to your exact specifications we can help.
From waney edge boards to ash beams, sawn fencing and sleepers we can supply you with what you need.
We buy standing timber and harvest it ourselves from sustainably managed woodlands.
Choose from high quality redwoods to oak and ash.
Whatever you require contact us and we will help you.
Email or text messages will be answered quickly.
Advert Start Date: 29/6/20
Contact: Will, Timber Products Wales
M: 07530 743373
Mobile Sawmilling, Thickness Planing and Joinery Lucas mill and Alaskan mill available for hire with operator.
Specialising in over-size and bad access trees.
Dimensional timber for construction, flooring, decking etc.
Wide Slabs up to 6ft wide.
Planning and thicknessing of boards and slabs up to 6ft wide.
Skilled operator and reasonable prices.
Milton Keynes, Bucks
Advert Start Date: 16/6/20
Contact: James Betteress
M: 07760 263686
Tom Pugh Timber Services Tom Pugh Mobile Timber was set up in 1999. Our work is consistent with a high standard, and we offer some of the most competitively priced tree surgery work in Cornwall.

We have a passion for maintaining a high level of expertise and professionalism for the services that we offer. At the forefront of the company's core values is to provide the very best and factual advice to our customers.
Cornwall / Devon
Advert Start Date: 30/10/19
Contact: Tom Pugh
M: 07875 046748
Mobile Sawmilling Service Mobile sawmilling service with Woodmizer LT40 and experienced operator. South East England. Call me to discuss your requirements.
Advert Start Date: 19/8/19
Contact: Mike von Gerard
T: 0208 398 7075
M: 07788 724372
Mobile Sawmill and Chainsaw Milling Service I run a Wood Mizer LT 20 and 5 Chainsaw mills.
I can mill any size trees from 6 inch right up to 6ft in diameter.
Our Wood Mizer will mill boards up to 34 inch wide. On site Milling and the very awkward places we can use the chainsaw mills.15 years experience of chainsaw and mobile Milling.Day rates and price work. Big and small jobs undertaken.
All quotes are free of charge.
We can also make furniture, sculptures, garden and landscaping features out of your milled wood, Pergoloas, summer houses etc. I am happy to discuss any project you have in mind.
Sussex / Kent
Advert Start Date: 22/1/18
Contact: Joe Whelan
T: 01825 840845
M: 07791 533452
Mobile Sawmilling - Sussex, Kent, Surrey, London Mobile Sawmilling covering Sussex, Kent, London, Surrey and the rest of the South of Englan.
I run a 6-16 Lucas sawmill which can quickly convert large or small logs into accurate dimensional timber. I can also offer the service of flattening wide seasoned boards making them much easier to work with. As well as the Lucas sawmill I also run an Alaskan chainsaw mill which is perfect for cutting wide slabs and planking trees that are in areas which may be difficult to access.
From this sawmill I can also provide Oak and Sweet chestnut gateposts as well as cladding, planks, boards and any other dimensions you may require.
I have a great passion for woodwork and can convert a log into garden furniture and any other wooden ideas you might have. More pictures of work undertaken in the past on my website.

Also available - Mobile log splitting and log cutting. I use a portable electric hydraulic log splitter which can quickly process large rings into useable firewood.
South East of England
Advert Start Date: 31/1/21
Contact: James Vann
M: 07545 846646
Mobile Milling Wanted I need a mobile mill to mill some large fallen timber.
The mill will have to be taken to the timber and milled in situ as mounting the tree on a mill will prove problematic.
So I guess it will suit someone with a good chainsaw mill capable of cutting 36"
Advert Start Date: 26/3/19
Contact: Guy Shankster
M: 07548 941928
Chainsaw Milling A friendly and reliable on-site sawmilling service. I can convert your logs into valuable timber boards, beams and posts with my portable chainsaw mill.
Capability to mill inaccessible logs up to 42” in diameter and 13ft in length.
Covered by £5 million public liability insurance.
Somerset, Wiltshire, North Dorset and South Gloucestershire.
Advert Start Date: 4/3/19
Contact: Ed Ramsay
T: 01373 593033
Wood chipping We offer a mobile wood chipping service. We use a Fastrac to power and tow a chipper, and can chip a 500mm tree. We produce G30 size chip. We can travel up to 50 miles from our base.
Bampton. Devon
Advert Start Date: 12/2/19
Contact: Peter Govier
T: O1398 331231
M: 07929 785872
Woodmizer Mobile and Static Sawmill for Hire with Operator For hire - Woodmizer mobile sawmill and with operator.
Convert your trees into useful timber - Planks & Beams
Please email or call for a quote, no obligation site visits available.
Kent and East Sussex
Advert Start Date: 27/5/19
Contact: David Kilby, Kilby Timber
M: 07753 605183
Mobile Sawmilling, Timber Felling, Extraction and Processing Woodmizer LT40 super hydraulic 6.1m bed
Lucas 8/30 mobile mills
Dalen 2054.
Hakki Pilke 1x37 with self-loading crane and log deck.
LOGSET 6F forwarder binderberg rw12 trailer and crane
9 ton winch
All aspects of forestry work undertaken.
Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire
Advert Start Date: 22/11/18
Contact: Phillip Davies
T: 01531 640404
M: 07887 570382
Woodmizer Mobile Sawmill for Hire Woodmizer LT40, full hydraulic for hire with experienced operator.
Chainsaw milling.
Felling, extraction and timber handling services also available.
Contact us to discuss your project.
Advert Start Date: 17/10/18
Contact: Toby Allen
T: 07800 578308
M: 07811 852704
Mobile Sawmilling Service Currently running a Woodmizer LT 40 Hydraulic.
Digital measure and 6.3m bed
Covering all of the country with 30 years experience.
Surrey/ Kent / East Sussex
Advert Start Date: 24/6/18
Contact: Robert Bradstock, Wedge Property Co Ltd
T: 01883 653433
M: 07831 841639
Mobile Sawmilling and Joinery Mobile Sawmilling and Joinery Alaskan and Bandsaw Mill available. On-site saw milling carried out by insured professionals.
We can slab trees upto 48 inch, yes that is 4 feet or 1.2 metres!! With no access required for machinery.
Our brand new trailer-mounted bandsaw mill can handle logs upto 30 inch diameter by 21ft long and is self-loading for most logs!
Our vertical Chainsaw mill for sizing and quarter cutting.
Log moving equipment available.
When used together there is nothing these machines can`t handle with our experienced qualified operator.

Turn your trees into usable timber for your projects.
On-site joinery, Carpentry, timber frame buildings and joinery repairs.
Larger joinery projects are taken care of in our Herefordshire-based joinery works.
Wooden saunas and hot tubs, Shepherd huts, garden rooms, stools, benches, tables and wooden countertops manufactured etc.
Herefordshire, Monmouthshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire
Advert Start Date: 1/1/18
On-site Mobile Milling Services for Nottinghamshire Mobile bandsaw mill with operator for hire, we come to you.
Turn your fallen trees into usable timber.

Our Woodlands bandsaw mill will take logs up to 30" diameter, although our Alaskan chainsaw mill will cut logs up to 60" diameter we prefer to use the Alaskan to break down trunks for bandsaw milling.

Planked English hardwood timber available for sale.
Advert Start Date: 10/11/17
Contact: Patrick Turk
T: 01623 794406
M: 07976 672886
Mobile Sawmilling and Joinery - Alaskan and Bandsaw Mill available On-site saw milling carried out by insured professionals.
We can now slab trees upto 48 inch, yes that is 4 feet or 1.2 metres!! With no access required for machinery.
Our brand new trailer-mounted bandsaw mill can handle logs upto 30 inch diameter by 16ft long.
Our vertical Chainsaw mill for sizing and quarter cutting.
Log moving equipment available.
When used together there is nothing these machines can`t handle with our experienced qualified operator.

Please call or email for pricing and a friendly chat about your requirements.
Turn your trees into usable timber for your projects.
We also operate a mobile joinery shop so we can bring the workshop to you for on-site joinery, timber frame buildings and joinery repairs.
Larger joinery projects are taken care of in our Hampshire based joinery works.
Wooden saunas and hot tubs, Shepherd huts, stools, benches, tables and wooden counter tops manufactured etc. Please talk to us with your requirements.

Felling, thinning, clearing, coppicing and general forestry work is carried out by our Lantra certificated operative.
Let us get your woods back under control!!

Areas covered with our mobile unit;
****Update...We Now Cover Mid Wales by appointment****
Mid-Wales but all areas covered with our mobile unit.
Advert Start Date: 26/6/15
Contact: Dominic Brady
T: 023 9242 8371
M: 07956 184183
Mobile log processing unit wanted for hire Firewood processor wanted for 1 days hire with its operator. I have a reasonable pile of cordwood to be processed. We can supply labour to help sort and load onto processor,
Finished split logs to fall in pile from processor's conveyor.
location: Rake near liss hampshire
Rake near Liss, Hampshire
Advert Start Date: 21/9/16
Contact: David Jones
M: 07707 671023
Alaskan Chainsaw Milling Service Offering a chainsaw milling service up to 3ft in diameter. However I can run a 72", so if the job called for I could perform cuts up to 170mm wide.
Happy to travel.
Uckfield, East Sussex
Advert Start Date: 2/5/16
Contact: Liam Olive
M: 07943 964184
Firewood Processor and Man for Hire We are Based in Axminster covering East Devon, Somerset and Dorset. Happy to use your tractor. Please phone, text, or email for price.
Axminster, Devon
Advert Start Date: 19/6/16
Contact: Robert Smith
T: 01297 678588
M: 07748 270708
Devon Sawmills Mobile Sawmill Hire We operate through out the South West of England and can travel further depending on the job. We run a top of the range Wood Mizer LT70 super hydraulic sawmill.
By arrangement we can offer an attachment to make roofing shingles and lap planking.
Fully Insured.
With operator £350 per day.
This includes 2 blades and diesel.
30 mile travel included, greater distance price to be arranged.

We can also offer an edging saw to convert your waney-edge boards quickly into square-edge planks.
£200 per day with operator.

Larger jobs will be discounted.
location: South West
South West England
Advert Start Date: 27/3/16
Contact: Rob Biss
T: 01803 526966
M: 07973 543585
Timber Processing Services Static sawmilling services offered for trees up to 2ft in diameter. Convert your trees in to useful timber.
Dover, Kent
Advert Start Date: 18/2/16
Contact: Pierre Woodward
T: 01304 851728
M: 07841 624611
Small-Scale Timber Extraction and Firewood Processing ATV and 2-tonne timber trailer with crane. Low impact - ideal for small jobs or sensitive woodland.

Firewood Processing timber up to 35cm diameter.
Copthorne, West Sussex
Advert Start Date: 18/12/15
Contact: Hector Worsley
M: 07825 067819
Man with Timber Mill for Hire I can cut your trees into boards, cladding, beams or any specification you require.
Also may be able to collect locally, depending on size of trees

Berrow, Somerset
Advert Start Date: 20/10/15
Contact: Andy Constantinou
M: 07504 171079
Mobile Sawmill and Operator Woodmizer LT40 owner and operator.
I am available for hire for short contract works, or just one day. My sawmill has full hydraulics for easy log handling and we get through a fair amount of timber in a day. I also have a vertical chainsaw mill for reducing / re-sizing or quartering the log.

I am an experienced timber framer of cart lodges, sheds, field shelters, and hay barns.

I am enthusiastic about my trade and very much enjoy going to work. But I don't work for free, milling prices are from £325 + VAT per day.
Hertfordshire and Essex
Advert Start Date: 14/8/15
Contact: Nathaniel Acutt
M: 07734 411171
Firewood Processor Hire WP36 15 inch capacity processor with log lifter for hire with operator. High output. 6-way knife.
Please contact for prices.
Dover, Kent
Advert Start Date: 20/3/15
Contact: Gavin Coles
T: 01304 842777
M: 07970 625865
Firewood Production Efficient, high-capacity, mobile firewood processing.
We can process up to 520mm diameter by 5m length, producing 20-35ton per day, dependant on timber quality. The machines discharge elevator can deliver the logs on to the ground, into a bulk trailer or into palleted seasoning stilages of 1.4m/cube. The operation negates the use of the tractor mounted splitter and the chainsaw, it is safe and offers far greater productivity and value for money. We are based in the New Forest but are willing to travel.

Hampshire , Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire
Advert Start Date: 12/1/15
Contact: Matt England
T: 01425 482592 mbl: 07502107476
M: 07502 107476
Firewood Processor for Hire Palax KS35 firewood processor for hire with or without PTO supply.

All tree / forestry contracting and tree surgery undertaken to a professional standard by a qualified and insured team.
Standing timber bought, cordwood sold.

Also specialists in short rotation forestry w/Eucalyptus and Nothofagus.
Ashford, Kent.
Advert Start Date: 12/1/15
Contact: Chris Rampton, Indica Forestry
T: 01303 813181
M: 07709 010508
Mobile Milling for Hire Convert your trees into useable timber.
We run a Norwood Lumber Mate mobile saw mill in Shropshire. Will cover surrounding counties.
Friendly father & son team, please get in touch for day rates and availability.
Advert Start Date: 12/12/14
Contact: Edward Griffiths
T: 01588 640202
M: 07855 569353
For Hire - Mobile Sawmilling Service. We run a Norwood Lumbermate mobile sawmill in the Shropshire area.

Friendly father-son partnership available for day rate milling of medium-sized timbers.
Shropshire, Herefordshire and mid-Wales
Advert Start Date: 22/12/14
Contact: Edward Griffiths
T: 01588 640202
M: 07855 569353
Wanted - Timber Haulage - Colchester to Leics Looking for a haulier to shift Poplar from Essex to Leics.

Colchester, Essex
Advert Start Date: 19/6/14
Contact: Peter Hinch
M: 07866 604132
Mobile sawmill and operator/s available for hire - Surrey, West and East Sussex We provide a mobile sawmilling service to clients spanning East and West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Kent.

Our LT40 mobile Woodmizer with hydraulic log loaders, can cut timber up to 90cm diameter and 6.5 metres long.
Single day of work (8 hours) £300 + 50p per mile.
Extra labourers and chainsaw operators available on request.

Surrey, East and West Sussex
Advert Start Date: 27/8/14
Contact: Harvey Cowe
T: 01273 394079
M: 07450 150058
Log Hauliers Wanted South England We are forestry contractors looking for additional reliable self-loading hauliers for pickup of 25t roadside loads of firewood logs in the south to deliver in southern England / midlands.
South England
Advert Start Date: 29/3/14
Contact: Jeffrey Byatt
M: 07572 691787
Mobile sawmilling (East Anglia) Mobile sawmilling service offered, Autotrek bandsaw and Experienced operator.max log length 6.5mtrs Diameter 1.2mtrs
South Norfolk
Advert Start Date: 19/12/13
Contact: Jimmy Dye
T/F: 01508 498169
M: 07778 547601
Mobile Timber Cutting Service Convert you round wood into valuable/useful timber.
My Woodmizer LT15 can handle saw logs max size 27" x 18'4".
The cost is £25 per hr (Min 4 hrs) plus travel if over 10 miles from base.
Nr Aberystwyth, Wales
Advert Start Date: 18/11/13
Contact: Jim Palmer
M: 07711 321246
Mobile Sawmilling / Timber Merchant - North Wales Llyn Wood Product is based in Boduan, near Pwllheli on the Llyn Peninsula. We specialize in home-grown timber buildings made to the customers specification, from log stores, games rooms and beach huts to living accommodation of strong and durable construction.

We specialize supplying sawn timber and slab wood in cedar shingles, beams, framing and cladding, sawn to order.
The timber that we use is Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir and Larch. We also provide an on-site milling service with a portable saw mill, bespoke joinery and carpentry and timber buildings repairs

Pwllheli, North Wales
Advert Start Date: 21/10/13
Contact: Lewis G Jones, Llyn Wood Product
T: 01758 720154
M: 07780 914785
Mobile Sawmilling and Woodmizer service Brand new Woodmizer LT-40D super Hydraulic with operator for hire. An experienced operator also ex-Woodmizer engineer. Will travel within reason. £350 per day to include diesel, 2 blades, insurance plus operator.
We can also offer maintenance and repairs to Woodmizer machines.
Discount for multiple days.
Green oak supply and custom sawmilling available.

Sussex and surrounding areas.
Advert Start Date: 13/2/13
Contact: Pegden Oak
T: 07795 691461
M: 07887 914894
Saw mill and firewood processor available We have a saw mill and fire wood processor available for use. Either on our site on the sussex/Kent border or it is mobile so we can come to you.
Please contact or for prices.
Kent / Sussex
Contact: Martin Storey
M: 07973 483356
Mobile Band Mill Services Have your dead tree milled in to beautiful planks.
Planked Softwood and Hardwoods various sizes available.
I can mill 27in diameter and up to 22ft long.
Call for daily rates.

Zelah, Cornwall
Advert Start Date: 10/2/14
Contact: Forestry UK Ltd.
T: 01872 540238
M: 07800 814610
Mobile Sawmill Woodmizer LT70 London is our base. We operate from Poplar E14, Tunbridge wells, Kent, and Billericay, Essex.
No job to small. We can cut miles of timber in a day. Our saw is precise and fast. Kitchen worktops are one of our specialities up to 700mm wide and 6 meters long. Beams, boards, planks, slabs of any kind of tree up to 3 ton we will cut for you anywhere within the M25. Garden and street furniture made to order. Sculpture, Wood art etc, etc.
Contact: Danny Sullivan, City Wood Services
T: 07985 987945
M: 07957 932246
Mobile sawmilling service Large capacity mobile bandsaw for hire, comes with Unimog crane and grab to load timber.
Especially suited to cutting your timber to produce buildings i.e. log cabins and greenoak/ softwood timberframes. Design and cutting list service also available.
Devon /Somerset/ dorset (worldwide for larger/interesting jobs)
Contact: Dan Franklin, Woodenways
T: 01823 672774
M: 07970 969856
Standing timber wanted For winter felling and summer extraction, Within 25 miles of Hawkhurst kent, Best prices paid anything considered
Contact: Oliver Edmonston, Woodland Services Ltd
T: 01580 850941
M: 07738 429267
Woodmizer sawmill 3 Phase Woodmizer and operator available for contract use from workshop in Bristol.
Cuts up to 8 metres in length 600x600mm in width and height.
Contact: Aaron Butters, Roots Landscaping
M: 07407 432783
Mobile sawmill for hire - London We operate a portable chainsaw mill with a cutting capacity of 1 meter. the mill can be set up at the tree trunk and the timber extracted from areas with very limited access.

We can also offer you the opportunity to commission furniture or household items from your felled trees.
Please see our web site for details.
North London
Contact: Les Grills
T: 0208 441 5771
M: 07941014341
Man/Woman with stake peeler/pointer wanted I am looking for someone who can peel and point some chestnut posts (pre-cut)approx 10ft.

Work can be done on or off site, which ever suits.
Contact: Lisa Hammond
M: 07779 336524
Mobile Sawyer for Hire Reasonably priced mobile sawmill services in South West Wales. Medium sized hard and softwood timber milled to any specification. Up to 32 inch diameter, 17 foot logs handled. Experience in adding value to timber felled in difficult to access locations.

Free Consultation.
Carmarthenshire and Swansea area
Contact: Mark Chapman
M: 07967 996104
Mobile sawmill with operator. (Wood-Mizer) Mobile and static timber processing. Wood-mizer Mobile sawmill for hire with operator, covering North West England and North Wales. other machinary available at our premises (planers, moulders etc) All timber processing from standing tree to finished product. Woodchipper also available with operator (chips can be removed if required).
Contact: Tom Hopps
T: 01204 407600
M: 07746 130997
SPECIALIST IN MACHINING SERVICES Machining services undertaken to include ripsawing, planer/thicknessing, woodturning, mortising, boring, etc. Can be done to customers requirements.
Langdon Abbey, Nr Dover, Kent
Contact: Luke Daniells
M: 07594 929110
MOBILE SAWMILLING - WOODMIZER AND LOGOSOL. On site timber conversion with recently aquired brand new Woodmizer LT40. Super Hydraulic version with Setworks computer for the fastest and most accurate milling available. Larger logs can be quartered first using our Logosol chainsaw mill.
South East England
Contact: Richard Maynard
T: 0118 932 0159
M: 07901 556175
GRADING OF SAWN OAK BEAMS to BS5756 to engineer's specification of TH1, TH2, THA,THB.
Baughurst, Hampshire
Contact: Herbert Russell
T: 01189 811700
M: 07765 242151
MOBILE SAWMILLING on-site timber conversion.
Cranleigh, Surrey
Contact: D R Woods, D R Woods & Son
T: 01483 273925
All areas.
Contact: John Scott, AJ & PM Scott
T: 01732 864729
F: 01732 864686
M: 07768 300002
WOOD MACHINING SERVICE Spindle moulders, overhead routers, planer/thicknessers, etc.
Horam, E.Sussex
Contact: Martin Patterson, The Furniture Workshop
T/F: 01435 813144
M: 07977 915393
MOBILE SAWMILLING Contract logging, machine hire, felling & extraction.
Heathfield, E Sussex.
Contact: Nicholas Hilton, Woodwise Forestry Services
T: 01435 812896
OAK GRADING TO BS5756 on sawn beams to engineers specification of TH1, TH2, THA, or THB.
Singleton, West Sussex
Contact: Joe Thompson, Sussex Oak & Iron
T: 01243 811472
F: 01243 811475
M: 07971 419058
MOBILE SAWMILLING Woodmizer. 20+ years timber specialist. Free
advice and quotes.
All SE
Contact: Nick Raeside, Biowoodlands
T: 01342 825608
M: 07968 994528
EARTHAM SAWMILL Full machining service.
Nr Chichester
Contact: A W Darby, Eartham Sawmill
T: 01243 814747
M: 07977 775614
WOOD MACHINING SERVICES Specialist mouldings.
Rochester, Kent
Contact: Morgan & Co (Strood) Ltd
T: 01634 290909
F: 01634 290800
BALCOMBE ESTATE SAWMILL can mill 12m length & 1.8m dia roundwood, bespoke beams to your spec.
Contact: Jamie Kirkman, Balcombe Estate Sawmill
T/F: 01444 811446
M: 07887 868248
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