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Wanted Chestnut Pales Chestnut pales wanted. All sizes required. We pay good prices and pay every week for pales supplied. We will collect full or part loads.
Advert Start Date: 1/10/20
Contact: Torry Hill Chestnut Fencing
T: 01795 886020 or 01795 439355 after 5.30pm
F: 01795 886196
Hedging Stakes and Rustic Poles for Sale Good quality hazel products for sale, all cut from a 1 acre coppice plot in an ancient woodland which is managed for the benefit of wildlife.

Straight, approx 5'6" long and max 2" diameter at butt end.
Predominantly hazel with occasional ash and maple
Bundles of 10.
£8 per bundle, can be pointed for an additional charge.

Rustic poles:
Fairly straight, 2 to 4" diameter at butt end, various lengths available from 6ft upwards.

Located on a site with good, firm access near Longstowe in Cambridgeshire.
Longstowe, Cambridgeshire
Advert Start Date: 30/1/20
Contact: Glenn Hadley
M: 07950 775770
Chestnut Poles for Sale Chestnut poles cut this winter available for roundwood timber framing, fencing, green woodworking etc.
Diameters between 3 and 12 inches. Poles have have been left in length and can be cut as required. Prices available upon enquiry. Roadside collection near Mayfield, East Sussex.
Mayfield, East Sussex
Advert Start Date: 10/5/22
Contact: Olly Moses
M: 07432 769667
Hazel Products for Sale Pea sticks (bundles of 10), bean poles. Also some hedging stakes and rustic poles.
Sustainably sourced from ancient hazel woodland.
Hertford, Hertfordshire
Advert Start Date: 2/5/22
Contact: Rupert Lee
M: 07553 929672
Hedge Laying Binders Willow Hedge Laying Binders.
Bundles of 40 at £40 each.
Cambridge, Oxford and Norfolk
Advert Start Date: 22/10/21
Contact: Christian Halbert, WonderWood Willow
M: 07850 175437
Hedgelaying stakes and binders and hazel products Stakes, binders, gads, beanpoles, peasticks, poles, faggots, besoms, ten pegs, kindling, birch bark, lime bast,lathes, hazel wigwams, charcoal,bio-char, artist charcoal, bowls, tool handles, treen and anything else you need.

All from sustainably managed woodland and coppice restoration sites across Gloucestershire
Advert Start Date: 24/11/20
Contact: Chiz Harward
M: 07881 486837
Doncombe Wood Hazel Products Small Hazel coppice in the north east of Wiltshere to be returned to rotation this winter/
Stakes, bean poles, thatching spars and faggots all available to order as well as charcoal and hurdles to come/
For further details about the project or to enquire about stock and pricing please contact Josh
North Wraxall, Wiltshire
Advert Start Date: 23/11/20
Contact: Josh Asson
M: 07788 252563
Hazel Hurdles Handmade bespoke Hurdles, continuous weave, Thatching Spars, Stakes and Binders plus lots more.
For more details and prices please call or email.
Wilts, Hants, Berks, Dorset
Advert Start Date: 23/11/20
Contact: Simon Watson
M: 07810 715184
Hazel Products for Sale Binders, stakes, faggots, gads, spars, Pea sticks and Bean poles.

All sustainably sourced from an ancient Hazel woodland. Please contact me for information, your requirements and pricing, delivery may be available.
Winchester, Hampshire
Advert Start Date: 24/2/20
Contact: David Blogg
M: 07727 470691
Faggot Bundles for Sale 2m long x 30cm circumference.

Uses include dead-hedging, "leaky dams", and hurdles.

Material is sourced mainly from our nature reserve at Broadwater Warren, where birch is removed as part of heathland scrub management.

Bundles cost £8 each (+VAT) and local delivery will be considered (charged at 65p per mile, minimum order of 30 bundles).

Alternatively bundles can be collected from Broadwater Warren nature reserve.
Near Tunbridge Wells, Kent / East Sussex
Advert Start Date: 11/2/20
Contact: Phil Henderson, RSPB
M: 07858 925031
Hazel Binders and Stakes Fresh cut 2019/2020 bundles of 3.5m binders and 5'10" stakes for hedge-layers and whole round hurdle and fence makers.
Warwickshire, GL56 0PE
Advert Start Date: 31/1/19
Contact: Marcus & Petra Woolford
T: 01608 650890
M: 07881 694080
Akita Land Management- Sweet Chestnut fencing from the woodlands of Kent & Sussex We are a long-standing fencing and land management company, supplying and installing fencing throughout the South-east and further afield.
We manufacture our own products from Sweet Chestnut, cut by our coppicing team in local woodlands.

All diameters and grades of peeled and pointed posts are available including half and quarter rounds. High quality, traditional morticed post and rail. Part squared, rustic gate posts and sleepers often in stock. Custom orders welcome.

As an established contracting business we offer all agricultural, commercial and domestic fencing services and can install our chestnut fencing for you if you wish.
We also provide a range of conservation forestry services and can cut and install fencing felled from your own woodland.

Please see our other adverts in the WoodLots Directory and don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.
East Sussex
Advert Start Date: 24/1/20
Contact: Ben Byfield, Akita Land Management
T: 01424 777051
Berkshire Fencing Contractor / Fencing Supplies Our fence Installation Contractor services include fitting and repairs of closeboard fencing, Picket Fencing, Chainlink and Post and Rail Fencing, also Trellis, Lap, Decorative or Continental Fence Panels for any fence with concrete posts.

We supply a wide range of Quality Timber Fencing Supplies including wooden/concrete fence posts and Gravel Boards
Advert Start Date: 28/11/19
Contact: Ivan Leonard
T: 01635 254214
Chestnut Posts I have chestnut posts and strainers for sale:
5'6" Round Posts 3"/5" £3
5'6" Round Posts 2"/3" £2.50
5'6" Cleft Posts £2.50
8' Strainers 6" plus £10

All has been cut in the winter and is from premium stock.
Advert Start Date: 1/10/19
Contact: APB Forestry
M: 07428 315113
Sweet Chestnut Gate Hurdles / Border Edging I make mainly small, sweet chestnut gate hurdles - these have multiple uses but chiefly are used on garden borders to protect flowers etc, can also be used for dog agility or purely as decorative items. Approx 24 inches long by 22 high (some of the height is lost when the sharpened ends are pushed in soil).
Larger hurdles, rustic gates and border edging can all be supplied to order.
Staplehurst, Kent
Advert Start Date: 19/8/19
Contact: Phil Harris, Acer Forestry
T: 01580 389396
M: 07808 738097
COPPICE PRODUCTS Wall trellis, gate hurdles, planters, besom brooms, plant supports, beanpoles, charcoal.
Nr Edenbridge, Kent.
Advert Start Date: 8/7/19
Contact: Tim Mann, Mannswood Coppice Products
T: (eve) 01732 867110
M: 07713 202298
Fresh-sawn and Air-dried 8x4 Oak sleepers - 2.4 m long, shorter and longer lengths available We stock large volumes of fresh-sawn oak sleepers. We cut them in packs to exactly 2.4 m long on our Holdeck pack saw.
We also stock 5 years air-dried 8x4 oak sleepers, we can plane all round too as these are ideal for fire place mantle beams due to how dry they are.
Any amount available for nationwide delivery.
Wem, Shropshire
Advert Start Date: 5/7/19
Contact: David Hughes, Border Hardwood
T: 01939 235550
M: 07881 095505
Douglas Fir standing Larch poles I have over 5 acres of slow-grown (55+ yrs) Douglas fir, to be sold standing or felled trackside ready for extraction. A tractor/which would be needed on the steep slope for a lot of the wood, it ranges from 12" to 24".
Could easily be milled into high quality cladding materials, beams etc.
Also have small-diameter standing larch poles suitable for fencing posts, tipi poles, roundwood construction.
Contact me to arrange a visit.
Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire
Advert Start Date: 10/8/18
Contact: Henri Nelson
M: 07751 664512
Quality Hazel Faggots and Hedgelaying Materials, Hampshire Good quality faggots £7 each (2m x 0.3m)
Hedgelaying binders £0.50 each (10'-12')
Hedgelaying stakes £0.75 each (6' unpointed)
Different requirements - please enquire.
Collection prefered nr Winchester, good access.
Advert Start Date: 24/1/19
Contact: David Downie
M: 07909 530294
Hedgelaying materials Willow binders - £8.50
location: Grantham Melton Mowbray
Grantham / Melton Mowbray
Advert Start Date: 24/1/19
Contact: Jon Harnan
M: 07771 734577
Sawn Oak Gateposts We have freshly sawn oak gateposts available 8"x8",6"x6" and 8"x4" sleepers, all 7'6" long.
Advert Start Date: 6/11/18
Contact: Chris Wellman
M: 07899 888429
Chestnut Post and Rail Fencing Chestnut cleft posts mortised for 2 or 3 rails. Sawn oak or chestnut posts available on request. Cleft rails, any length usually 9'6" long. Also chestnut stakes, strainers and gateposts,round or sawn oak.
West Berks
Advert Start Date: 6/11/18
Contact: Chris Wellman
M: 07899 888429
Chestnut Fencing Products New winter stock available now.
We specialise in all specs of chestnut - poles,stakes,strainers,struts etc
We specialise in trade orders and can arrange deliverys on 8 wheelers or artics to most of the UK.
retail also welcome.
plenty of stock available.
Rogate, West Sussex
Advert Start Date: 5/10/18
Contact: Barry and Lisa @Simply Chestnut
T: 01730 894984
M: 01730 894984
Hedging stakes for sale 5ft 6 in to 6ft hedgelaying stakes for sale.
65 pence each, other sizes cut to order, also spar gads.
New Forest, Hampshire
Advert Start Date: 5/10/18
Contact: Deb Dunnings, Countryside Services
T: 02380 811305
M: 07528 060421
Thatching Spars Now available, made to order, please phone for more information.
Wilts, Dorset, Hants
Advert Start Date: 27/9/18
Contact: Simon Watson
M: 07810 715184
Brash Bundles Fa**ots Fascines and Sweet Chestnut posts Only Produced to Order 150 acre Ancient and historical ash and oak woodland.

Large quantities of fresh and seasoned hardwood and softwood brash from this SSSI managed woodland on the Four Counties border in Warwickshire.
Sweet chestnut
Warwickshire, GL56 0PE
Advert Start Date: 6/11/18
Contact: Marcus & Petra Woolford
T: 01608 650890
M: 07881 694080
Hazel hurdle rods and hedge laying stakes and binders Large or small quantities of hazel splitting rods, hedge stakes and binders. Very competitive prices - 9 to 10ft splitting rods 50p each
pointed 6 foot hedge stakes 65p each
binders 12 foot plus 50p each
Free local delivery.
location: winchester/basingstoke area
Winchester/ Basingstoke, Hampshire
Advert Start Date: 24/7/18
Contact: Jonathan R Howe
T: 01264 861038
M: 07930 565372
Chestnut Woodland Produce for Sale Sweet chestnut coppice products made to order.
Installed or just supplied as required.
Cleft chestnut post and rail
Rustic fences and gates
Woven panels
Trellis work and planters
Rose arbours and pergola's
Hand-carved spoons, bowls and utensils.
See website for further details.
Battle, East Sussex
Advert Start Date: 23/7/18
Contact: Matt Freeland
M: 07974 069241
Continuous Weave Hazel and Willow Fencing woven in-situ with locally grown materials.
Prices start from £3.50 per square foot.
Kent and Sussex
Advert Start Date: 23/7/18
Contact: John Waller, Underwoodsman
T: 01892 740303
M: 07788 748618
Chestnut posts 6 foot 250+ 6Ft/1.8M quartered chestnut posts peeled and pointed.
4-5inch 250+,
3-4inch 50+
Cut winter 17/18.
Advert Start Date: 26/6/18
Contact: Roy
M: 07482 060978
Chestnut Post and Rails for Sale I'm coppicing some fantastic chestnut and making
chestnut cleft post and rail:
6ft6 posts, mortised
9ft6 and 6ft6 rails
Plus 5ft6 and 6ft post quarters, rounds and halves.
Delivery and fitting service available.
Maidstone, Kent
Advert Start Date: 20/3/18
Contact: The Log Man
T: 01233 239370
M: 07729 352821
Woven fencing materials Hazel woven fencing materials available. Suitable for whole rod continuous weave / continuous hurdle work.£16 per bundle. Collection from Croydon.
Advert Start Date: 10/2/18
Contact: Jake Whitcroft
M: 07592 353845
Hazel Fencing Rods Bundles Hazel being cut in Croydon area for woven fencing.
£16 per bundle of 15 or 20 rods depending on size. C
ollection only. Also available beaonpoles and peasticks.
location: Croydo
Advert Start Date: 6/10/17
Contact: Jake Whitcroft
M: 07592 353845
Hazel Hurdles, Woven Fencing & Hazel Coppice Products Hazel Hurdles and woven fencing supplied. I also provide a Hedgelaying service. I can supply coppice materials, Hazel rods etc. I am an experienced craftsman, fully insured. References can be supplied if required.
Hampshire/Surrey/ Berkshire/Wiltshire,Sussex
Advert Start Date: 25/1/18
Contact: Simon Farndon
T: 01252 329964
M: 07986 096635
Hedging Stakes Hedging stakes available.
£1 per stake. Ready pointed.
85 pence not pointed.
Fishguard, Pembrokeshire
Advert Start Date: 25/1/18
Contact: David Hunter
M: 07770 776402
Stakes and Binders Stakes and Binders still available, please call for prices.
Wilts, Hants, Dorset, Berks
Advert Start Date: 8/1/18
Contact: Simon Watson
M: 07810 715184
Hazel Stakes and Binders Hazel stakes and binders for the 2017/18 season.
Also pea stick, bean rods, thatching spars and faggots.

All cut in quality woodland that has been in rotation for hundreds of years.
location: Hampshire, near winchester
Near Winchester, Hampshire,
Advert Start Date: 8/11/17
Contact: Matthew Saunders
M: 07479 553882
Chestnut Post and Rail For Sale, Chestnut Post and Rail.
Rails 6 pounds.
Morticed posts for 2 rail..7.50 pounds each
Morticed posts for 3 rail..8.50 pounds each.
Made to order plus VAT and delivery.
Bodiam, East Sussex
Advert Start Date: 7/11/17
Contact: Tony Muggridge, A J Muggridge Ltd.
M: 07980 163641
Fencing Stakes Following sizes in stock, peeled and pointed. Large amount available. Can arrange delivery, or collection from SA67 8AD. Very competitive prices.
8ft 3-4
8ft 2-3
6ft 3-4
5ft6 3-4
location: Narberth
Narberth, Pembrokeshire
Advert Start Date: 28/8/17
Contact: Belinda Credland, Forestry Land Consultant
M: 01834 891315
Chestnut Rails for sale 9'6" chestnut rails, split but not ended, for traditional post and rail fencing.

£3.50 each. Buyer to collect.
Crowhurst, East Sussex
Advert Start Date: 14/6/17
Contact: Phil Henderson
M: 07528 643591
Cleft Chestnut Post and Rails for Sale Cleft chestnut specialist
Post and rails
Tree stakes
Cleft palings also for sale
Email for all enquiries
Competitive prices.
Advert Start Date: 17/5/17
Contact: Michael Bailey
M: 07538 498145
Huge tree stumps / lengths Huge tree stumps pieces for sale.Pine.
Been down roughly best part of ten years.
Come and have a look.
Will help load this end. Best offer secures.
Rhayader, Powys, Mid-Wales
Advert Start Date: 15/5/17
Contact: Irene Wozencraft
T: 01597 810250
M: 07791 165145
Hazel and Ash Coppice Products and Firewood Bean poles, pea sticks, hedging stakes, binders, baling stakes for sale from the coppice restoration project at Westonbirt arboretum.

I also have unseasoned firewood (mainly oak with some ash, birch, field maple) sold by the tipper load.
Westonbirt, Gloucestershire
Advert Start Date: 7/4/17
Contact: Amy Cox
M: 07738 498885
Chestnut Fencing -Supplied and Erected We can supply and erect a wide range of Chestnut fencing including post and rail, stock and equestrian fencing.

Stakes are available in the the following options:
4ft to 8ft+ length
2" to 6" diameter
Peeled or unpeeled
Round or half round
Pointed or unpointed.
Rustic poles
Post & Rail
Battle, East Sussex
Advert Start Date: 17/3/17
Contact: Dan Cope, Powdermill Wood
M: 07967 803310
Sweet chestnut fencing Stakes, Struts, Strainers
Any spec cut to length.
Advert Start Date: 14/3/17
Contact: Ed Morris, Wye Timber
M: 07891 319761
Fascines / Faggots for River Restoration FGood quality dense fascines / faggots for sale.

Mixed species, though predominantly hazel, with no willow or thorn, all cut from an ancient woodland as part of a wildlife focussed coppice cycle.
Triple bound with baler twine.

2m long, 30cm diameter, 60 available.
£8 each.

Located on a site with good, firm access near Longstowe in Cambridgeshire.
Longstowe, Cambridgeshire
Advert Start Date: 19/2/17
Contact: Mark Ricketts
T: 01954 713500
Hazel coppice due to be cut this month.
Rod diameters are 1 -2 inches at butt.
We will have between 500 and 1000 rods available.
Smaller quantities sold if required.
East Grinstead
Advert Start Date: 19/2/17
Contact: Zohair Ghullam, Truroots
M: 07854 931087
Coppice Products and Crafts Traditional Hedgelaying and Coppice Crafts-
Beanpoles, Pea sticks
Traditional Hazel or Willow Hand Carved Gypsy pegs £6 doz
Gypsy flowers
Hazel/willow obelisks
Traditional Hedgelaying in season Oct - March each year.
Advert Start Date: 19/2/17
Contact: Stephen Gibson
T: 01707 889380
M: 07470 391680
Sawn Line Posts 400 x Sawn Chestnut line/intermediate posts, four way pointed, packed in 50’s. Located in a yard with access for a lorry with loading available. £960.00 (ex. VAT)
Hadlow, Kent
Advert Start Date: 3/10/16
Contact: Susannah Ferguson, KWES
T: 0118 971 0158
Chestnut Fencing A variety of high quality chestnut products are held in stock or made to order.

Check out the website, phone us or call into the yard to discuss your requirements.
Advert Start Date: 24/8/15
Contact: Toby Allen
T: 07800 578308
M: 07811 852704
Chestnut for sale - Cranbrook, Kent Currently felling an acre of chestnut in Cranbrook.
Nearly all timber will be for sale, good access to site.
£35 ton once landed on hardstand.
Cranbrook, Kent
Advert Start Date: 26/1/17
Contact: Will Riseley, The Hungry Squirrel
M: 07933 996048
Winter-Cut Chestnut Coppice Fencing Supplies 20-30 year old chestnut being coppiced and cut into a range of Post and Rail fencing supplies.

Offering the following (peeled or unpeeled and/or made to order):-
5ft 6 inch stakes (cleft and full round)
6ft stakes (cleft and full round)
8ft stakes (cleft and full round)
9ft stakes (cleft and full round)
7ft strainers (full round) 5/7inch
8ft strainers (full round) 5/7inch
10ft strainers (full round) 5/7inch
9ft 6 inch cleft ended rails
6ft 6 inch morticed cleft posts (2 x rail)
Bespoke poles - made to order
Palings 3ft 6" bundles of 25.
Additional palings available.
Collection, or delivery available.
Please give us a call or email for further information.
Surrey / West Sussex / Hampshire Border
Advert Start Date: 16/2/16
Contact: Al Wallace, CCP Groundcare
T: 01428 641739
M: 07775 834129
Chestnut Fencing Products for Sale Chestnut stakes 6ft and 7ft availible
Strainers 7ft and 8ft
Cleft rails cut 9ft6, or can cut to order
Delivery availible
Any questions and prices please call.
location: Billingshurst
Billingshurst, West Sussex
Advert Start Date: 12/12/16
Contact: Henry Saxton, HJS Land Services
T: 01798 879248
M: 07968 346387
Faggots and bundled brash for River bank rebuilding The Natural Path will be cutting 15Ha of Hazel understory this season (2016/17)
I have a large supply of cut Hazel brash wood available for making faggots or other brash wood projects.

No quantity too large (or small)
£8 each and price breaks for large quantities.

Please give me a call to discuss your requirements.
Wiltshire & Dorset
Advert Start Date: 10/1/16
Contact: Lucie Owen, The Natural Path
M: 07903 587376
Hazel Stakes and Binders Cut to order. Binders 85p each, stakes £1.10

Bundles of hazel suitable for whole rod fence weaving.
Sorted into sizes etc.
Hassocks, West Sussex
Advert Start Date: 31/1/16
Contact: Jake Whitcroft
M: 07592 353845
Hedgelaying Stakes and Binders for 2016/17 season Hazel Stakes and binders for sale.
Large quantities available.
£15.00 per bundle of 20+ VAT.
South Midlands
Advert Start Date: 25/7/16
Contact: Dave Faulkner
M: 07787 828979
Cleft Chestnut Post and Rail Fencing High quality winter-cut products.
Large amounts, and different grades including rail blanks available.
Trade enquiries welcome.
East Sussex / Kent
Advert Start Date: 23/8/16
Contact: Henry Willett
M: 07525 343821
Rustic chestnut poles, Trellis, Fences, Garden Furniture All sizes of chestnut poles supplied. Trellis, rose arches and woven panels supplied/installed. Chestnut fence posts, post and rail fencing supplied/installed. Full range of rustic garden furniture, please see website.
Wilderness Wood, Hadlow Down, East Sussex
Advert Start Date: 8/3/15
Contact: Andrew Coates Coates
T: 01825 768684
M: 07783 528881
Rustic Poles Approximately 200 rustic poles for sale.
Douglas fir 3 to 5 meters long.
First thinnings so not large poles.
£4 each plus VAT. Selling as one lot, buyer collects
Near Warminster, Wiltshire
Advert Start Date: 8/8/16
Contact: Andrew Starr, Forest Depot
M: 07976 532872
Softwood Peeled Poles Small and large quantities available. Any size up to 12 m. Suitable for pioneer poles, tipis, garden structures. Rustic also available. Hardwood poles also cut to order hazel and ash. Please call to discuss requirements.
South Northants
Advert Start Date: 25/7/16
Contact: Dave Faulkner
M: 07787 828979
Hazel and Chestnut Products We supply hazel hurdles to any size from 1ft high faggots for river restoration work, 3mtr long by 24inch dia approx £6 each. Proper hardwood faggots gabions in hazel or willow. Chestnut any size to order. Make most things from hazel can also supply ash and chestnut rustic gates.
Winchester, Hampshire
Advert Start Date: 8/7/16
Contact: Chris Sparkes
M: 07881 911241
Pale Maker Looking for Work I've been pale-making for the last three years.
Looking for work. Not too fast, but can make a nice pale with the right wood!
Maidstone, Kent
Advert Start Date: 19/6/16
Contact: Brendon - Hackslash
M: 07469 233948
Kent Hazel Hurdles Authentic, quality, traditional hazel wattles made in Kent, from local coppiced woodland. Hurdles are made by a professional craftsman with over 30 years experience. Wildlife habitats and local ecology always respected.
Some stock available. Ring or email for latest availability and prices. Special offer on 3'x6' hurdles.
Delivery available.
Advert Start Date: 7/6/16
Contact: Martin Aylott
M: 07597 703412
Chestnut Fencing Products: Stock Fencing also Post and Rail Available Now Winter-cut chestnut available in Herefordshire.
Stock fencing products:
6' stakes cleft 4-6", round 3-4"
7' and 8' strainers, round 5-6"
7' struts, round 4-5"
Post and rail products:
6'6" morticed posts, 2 or 3 rail
9'6" cleft rails
Collection from yard 3m from M50, or can price delivery
Other chestnut products can be made to order.
Advert Start Date: 19/4/16
Contact: Maurice Clother, Touch Wood
M: 07813 598343
3 yr Chestnut poles available now Short rotation 3 year coppiced Chestnut poles available. Diameters from 20mm through to 50mm available in any lengths upto 10ft/3m. Suitable for woven fencing, bean poles, yurt poles, plant supports & tree planting stakes. Discounts available for quantity.
Midhurst, West Sussex
Advert Start Date: 13/3/15
Chestnut fencing available - supply and erect We are taking bookings for chestnut fencing. We can supply and erect cleft post and rail and stock proof fencing. No job too big or small. Free quotes provided.
Advert Start Date: 7/3/16
Contact: George Drewett
M: 07813 741636
Sweet Chestnut, Firewood and British Charcoal SChestnut available for fencing material and garden structures, firewood and charcoal also sold.

Volume small and large to suit - please e-mail or call for a quotation.
Godalming, Surrey
Advert Start Date: 9/2/16
Contact: Ian Baldwin
T: 01483 424948
M: 07867 428988
Cleft Chestnut Post and Rail High quality winter felled cleft chestnut post and rail fencing always available,other chestnut products available
location: Tonbridge Kent
Advert Start Date: 16/2/15
Contact: Aaron Cornish
M: 07752 201020
Coppice Poles We are now clearing our mixed coppice, mainly chestnut from 25mm to 300mm dia, for stakes, cleft post and rail, seasoned cord wood.
Mixed sizes,chestnut weather board also available on request.
Good access.
Lower Beeding, West Sussex
Advert Start Date: 5/2/16
Contact: Bob Hewitt
T: 01403 255464
M: 07941 573011
Cleft 9'6 chestnut rails Cleft 9'6 chesnut rails.
280 in total. In the yard.
£3.50 each.
Hawkhurst, Kent
Advert Start Date: 21/1/16
Contact: Toby Thirkell
T: 01580 754944
M: 07563 757237
Traditional Hazel Coppice Products for Sale I have a huge quantity of hazel ready for collection and ready to be cut to order available from Dorset and Wiltshire coppice woodlands.
Hedgelaying stakes and binders,
Hurdle-making materials
Hazel for creative projects, weaving and continuous fencing.
Gads, twisty sticks.
All cut this season 2015 / 2016.
Dorset and Wiltshire
Advert Start Date: 10/1/16
Contact: Lucie Owen, The Natural Path
M: 07903 587376
Green Ash poles - Tipi & Yurts A large selection of beautiful straight Ash poles are available from now until April. They will be green, and cut to order.
Suitable for Tipis and Yurt building or any other creative projects.
Up to 10cm diameter, 20 plus feet long
Buyer collects form woodland in Dorset.
Near Poole, Dorset,
Advert Start Date: 10/1/16
Contact: Lucie Owen, The Natural Path
M: 07903 587376
Chestnut Posts for Sale Contact for all details.
text: Contact for all details)
West Sussex
Contact: Matthew Hill
T: 01428 645772
M: 07445 880726
Hazel brushwood fagotts Hazle brushwood fagots
text: We have 27no. 2m long hazel brushwood fagotts for sale. They were made last winter.
£7.50 each, no VAT to pay.
Collection only
Advert Start Date: 4/11/15
Contact: Mike Morton
M: 07792 203093
Cleft Post and Rail Fencing Required I am looking for either a supply only, or supply and fit, approx 180 feet of cleft post & rail fencing with square oak posts (possibly Chestnut), two or three rails.

Milford On Sea, Hampshire
Advert Start Date: 16/9/15
Contact: Phil Collins
M: 07711 232666
Peeled Oak Available in a variety of lengths (1m - 2.5 m) and diameters (10 - 30 cm).
Pick up accessible with a 4 x 4, can be brought roadside if enough notice given.
Pembrokeshire. Wales
Advert Start Date: 20/10/15
Contact: David Hunter
M: 07770 776402
Traditional Coppice Products For Sale Hazel and Chestnut products available, including:
Bean poles
Pea sticks
Hedging binders and stakes
Woven hazel hurdles
Chestnut poles
Pointed chestnut posts
Ash and Chestnut gate hurdles
Ash poles also available
Products available for delivery or collection.

Please feel free to get in touch by phone or email.
location: Kent, Sussex and Norfolk
Kent, Sussex and Norfolk.
Advert Start Date: 15/9/15
Contact: Lee Bassett
T: 07801 990053
M: 07860 943725
I undertake tree work/garden services and construction.
Ivybridge, Devon
Advert Start Date: 14/8/15
Contact: Andy Hall, A and P Wood Services
M: 07561179734
Sweet Chestnut Cleft Post and Rail We have a large supply of winter-cut chestnut rails and posts awaiting processing. We can supply the rails blank or ended, the posts can be mortified to your spec or left blank. No order too big or too small!
Midhurst, West Sussex
Advert Start Date: 15/7/15
Contact: Matt Wills, CGW Chestnut
T: 07810 228673
M: 07505 094 691
Hazel Stakes & Binders Stakes & binders still available.
Please email or phone for prices.
Wilts, Hants, Berks, Dorset
Advert Start Date: 18/12/15
Contact: Simon Watson
M: 07810 715184
Chestnut Products for Sale 5"6' stake lengths
7ft struts
7"6' strainers
Post and rail cleft rails would need ending & mortising.
8ft chestnut waste wood also available.
East Sussex
Advert Start Date: 26/1/15
Contact: Nick Berry
M: 07834 694956
Chestnut Fence Posts Solid chestnut fence posts for sale.
Any size cut to order.

Canterbury, Kent
Advert Start Date: 12/1/15
Contact: Viv Comer
T: 07738 155913
M: 07885 716890
Hazel Hedging Stakes 1"-3" diameter, 5'-6', £0.50 collected. Other hazel products cut to order.

Advert Start Date: 12/1/15
Contact: Kevin Jones
T: 01600 780492
M: 07429 125995
Chestnut Fencing Products for Sale 5ft6" posts
6ft posts
7ft strainers
7ft struts

Based in Petworth nr midhurst (gu29)

Petworth nr Midhurst, West Sussex (GU29)
Advert Start Date: 24/6/13
Contact: Jeff Hill
T: 07445 880726
M: 07428 516559
Hazel products - coppice crafts Continuous-weave fencing, hurdles, beanpoles, peasticks, stakes, binders, flower stakes, faggots. Serving all areas around Sussex. Coppicing and restoration work also undertaken by friendly small business.
Haywards heath, West Sussex
Advert Start Date: 17/2/15
Contact: Jake Whitcroft
M: 07592 353845
Stakes and Binders Cutting Stakes and Binders, now. We have a good quantity coming out of South Northamptonshire.
Simple pricing, £1.00 per stick, collection from Silverstone Area.
Do contact me to set size, length and Qty.

Silverstone, Hazelbrough Forest - south Northamptonshire.
Advert Start Date: 2/12/14
Contact: Richard Allee, Allees Forestry
T: 01280 850501
M: 07960 939314
6ft Sweet chestnut posts Sweet chestnut 6ft blanks, or we can point for you.
Looking at £1.00 each, about 1000 available.
Advert Start Date: 3/11/14
Contact: James Wakelyn
T: 01488 639345
M: 07887 715670
Sweet chestnut shingles required I need a small quantity of chestnut shingles ro finish a ridge on a shed roof that was (almost!) completed last year.
Please contact me by email in first instance.

Oxford area
Advert Start Date: 26/10/14
Contact: Ian Davidson
Chestnut Post and Rail Fencing Post and rail for sale in the round, or can split out if required.
East Sussex
Advert Start Date: 25/7/14
Contact: Steven Goldfinch
T: 01424 830088
M: 07543 502498
120m Cleft Chestnet Fencing Wanted I'm in the market for 120m of 2 rails cleft chestnut fencing for my property in Hampshire.
Quotes please.

GU34 3RE
Advert Start Date: 1/7/14
Contact: Ian Simpson
M: 07880 518329
Chestnut Products Chestnut posts,Chestnut paling fencing, Woodchips for mulching,Logs in nets and bulk bags. Also available kindling. Free local delivery.
Contact: Wells and Sons
T: 01227 733864
Coppice Products for Sale We have a varied range of coppice products available suitable for may traditional uses. Bean poles, pea sticks, constructional poles,etc that come from our 25 acre ancient woodland site, which is undergoing restoration.
We are happy for people to come and visit the site by arrangement, but please telephone in advance.

12 miles NW OF Norwich, Norfolk
Advert Start Date: 9/3/14
Contact: Katherine Harris
M: 07748 870907
Fencing Posts We have the following size fencing material peeled and pointed.
7ft 4-5 round
5ft6 4-5 round
5ft6 4-5 split
5ft6 3-4 round
5ft6 2-3 round
Other sizes may be available. Can arrange delivery.
Narberth, Pembrokeshire, SA67 8AD
Advert Start Date: 24/2/14
Contact: Forestry Land Consultant
T: 01834 891315
Hazel Hurdles and Continuous Weave Fencing Traditional wattle hurdles in hazel or willow,gate hurdles,also stakes,binders,bean poles,pea sticks,walking stick blanks,thatching wood,cord wood(ash).
I also undertake hedgelaying and cleft post and rail fencing (chestnut/oak).
Am always interested in new coppice.

Advert Start Date: 11/2/14
Contact: Mick Thwaites
M: 07759 291632
Small Bundles of Hazel Shoots Bundle of 30 (some sold, contact for exact number) hazel shoots. About 2 metres long, again contact for exact length.

Nr. Billingshurst, West Sussex
Advert Start Date: 31/1/14
Contact: Rob Watson
T: 01403 700342
Hedgelaying Stakes and Binders Freshly-cut stakes and binders.
Approx. 500 each
Ring for details

United Kingdom
Advert Start Date: 10/1/14
Contact: Sebastian Stapleton
M: 07773 167884
Traditional Hedge laying stakes for sale Mis-shaped and half-round hedging stakes.
Peeled, pointed and bundled into 300s.
6000 in stock.
Delivered or collected.

Advert Start Date: 7/1/14
Contact: David Price
T: 01939 235720
M: 07967 624036
Hazel Spars and Liggers Spars and liggers made to order, any quantity, also hurdles, continuous, stakes and binders, logs and kindling.

Wilts, Hants, Berks, Dorset
Advert Start Date: 7/1/14
Contact: Simon Watson
M: 07810 715184
Hedging Stakes Good quality 5' hedging stakes available, £4.50 plus VAT per bundle of 10 at roadside. Large orders supplied all areas, can arrange delivery.

Selby, North Yorks
Advert Start Date: 21/11/13
Contact: Nick Milner, Nick Milner (Silviculture) Ltd.
M: 07928 647430
Chestnut Coppice Chestnut timber for sale
Stakes, strainers, struts and rails.
Can cut to order + plenty in stock, can arrange delivery
West Sussex
Advert Start Date: 13/11/13
Contact: Luke Summerhayes
T: 01403 701963
M: 07570 029703
Fencing And Timber Fencing, timber, garden sheds, summer houses, stables, field shelters, log stores, purpose built chicken sheds.
Also, woodchips, gravel, firewood logs in ton sacks, nets Or loose loads.
Stepping stones, Metpost, decking tiles, and more.....

Anyone that has a yard would like to sell our products part-time, or full-time, or run beside or run beside existing business please get in touch.

Gwent, Wales
Advert Start Date: 5/11/13
Contact: Philip Jones
T: 01495 309623
M: 07974 805097
Hazel Spars and Liggers Fresh hazel spars and liggers for sale made to order as many as you like.
Please feel free to call for futher details or price.

Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset
Advert Start Date: 23/9/13
Contact: Nicky Twos
T: 01722 712490
Hazel Hazel hurdles made to order, also continuous fencing, orders now been taken for stakes and binders,

Advert Start Date: 5/8/13
Contact: Simon Watson
M: 07810 715184
Sweet Chestnut agricultural fencing supplied Based near Portsmouth, cutting and processing Sweet Chestnut into stakes, strainers, poles, post and rail as well as chestnut gate hurdles.
Pergola poles cut and erected by arrangement.
More detail on website.

Advert Start Date: 19/6/13
Contact: Phil Clayton
M: 07984 807537
Fascines and Faggots Mixed or single species fascines available to order; single species available are birch and hazel. Unless otherwise specified, fascines are made up with the brushwood rods laid alternately butt to tip; this produces a relatively uniform in diameter along their length. Fascines are made up in lengths of either 8' or 12' and diamter of 6" - 8". Cost per foot length for fascines approx £2.49 +VAT
West Fife, Scotland
Advert Start Date: 1/6/13
Contact: Ben Geyer
M: 07960 33 33 19
The Wood Yard at Stopham Open every Saturday 9am-5pm
Local sustainable products from the local woods including:
Seasoned logs and kindling
Rustic poles
Chestnut fencing
Pea sticks and Bean rods
Plant supports
Hurdles and Trellis
Planters and raised bed boards
Baskets and other local craft
Sawn timber

Pulborough, West Sussex
Advert Start Date: 9/4/13
Contact: Paul Copsey, Wild Sussex
M: 07756 313846
Coppice Products Specialists in in-situ wattle fencing and cleft oak/cleft chestnut gates/fencing.

We also offer hedgelaying and woodland/coppice management services.

We supply faggots,besom brooms, steaks and binders, bean poles, pea sticks and chestnut poles.

Advert Start Date: 28/2/13
Contact: Micksticks
T: 01753 653962
M: 07788 678824
Hazel Coppice Products Arbours, bean poles and pea sticks, besom brooms, bird tables, charcoal, continuous woven fencing, revement faggots, firewood, gazebos and yurts, hedge-laying material, hurdle panels, kindling, pea sticks, plant supports, rose arch, rustic furniture, spar gads.
West Sussex
Contact: Alan & Jo Waters, Wild Wood Charcoal & Coppice Products
T/F: 01243 778106
Coppice Material Stakes for hedge-laying,bean rods and pea sticks.
Steam-bent furniture (Adirondack style).

South Dorset
Advert Start Date: 31/12/12
Contact: Nick Parker
M: 07854 864229
Coppice Products Chestnut yurt poles - roof ribs and trellis, 6' hedging stakes,bean poles, pea sticks, cleavers, weavers, construction poles for roundwood timber framing.
Petworth, West Susssex GU28
Advert Start Date: 19/12/12
Contact: Ben Law
M: 07966 193154
Chestnut Fencing Products All styles of rustic or sawn hardwood fencing supplied and fitted. From agricultural stakes to bespoke projects.
Please see the website, or call us to discuss your requirements.
Good prices paid for standing local Hardwoods.
Herefordshire, Shropshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestertshire, Marches and Midlands
Advert Start Date: 24/10/13
Contact: Toby Allen
T: 07800 578308
M: 07811 852704
Fruit pickers/orchard ladders Traditionally made ladders and picking stools made to order.

Advert Start Date: 30/11/12
Contact: Davin Foster
T: 01626 779058
M: 07812 713005
Hazel Binders I have for sale 1,000 binders, 11 plus ft long.
They are in Basingstoke but I live in Salisbury so they can be collected from either, or I can deliver at extra cost, for more info and prices please phone.

Hampshire / Berkshire
Advert Start Date: 15/1/13
Contact: Jilli Watson
M: 07810 715184
Greenwood Products Cleft chestnut and oak gates and fencing, greenwood furniture,coppice products.

Advert Start Date: 19/11/12
Contact: Davin Foster
T: 01626 779058
M: 07812 713005
Kent & Sussex Post & Rail Company 8 ft 3/4" Diameter chestnut posts peeled and pointed £2.25 each
5 ft,5 ft 6", and 6 ft also available, Strainer posts, Cleft post and rails, Pale wood cut to length, and Cleft pales. Discounts are available for large quantities. Call for details
Contact: Nick King
T: 01622 201242
M: 07828 248065
Sweet Chestnut Fencing, Materials and Installation We produce a wide range of Sweet Chestnut fencing products from the centre of the South Downs National Park. Our products range from standard agricultural fencing materials such as stakes and strainers, to rustic gates, cleft post and rail and much more. We also install fences of all types, chain link to close board. Why not give us a call?
Midhurst, West Sussex
Advert Start Date: 31/3/13
Contact: Matt Wills, CGW Chestnut
T: 07810 228673
M: 07505 094691
Hedge Laying Stakes I have a large quantity of 5'6" hazel stakes for sale.
£5 untipped or £6.50 sharpened per bundle of 10.

Arundel / West Sussex
Advert Start Date: 11/9/12
Contact: Marcus Clear, Clapham Wood Coppice Products
T: 01903 883758
M: 07748 954043
Chestnut Post & Rail fencing Available as blanks or as finished products
Very good quality, all winter-cut, large amounts available.
Rails 9"6, Posts 6"6
Delivery available throughout the UK
Erecting service available.
Trade enquires welcome.
Contact: Coppicing Kent
T: 01580 720432
M: 07956 316845
Fencing and Landscaping Bespoke domestic, farm and estate fencing. Countryside management. Full garden planning and maintenance with a strong horticultural background. Soft Landscaping. Habitat and woodland management and creation. Amenity and large scale tree and hedge planting.
Contact: Matthew Gilbert
M: 07551 330680
Wood Chip & Post Peelings wanted Seeking woodchips and peelings for composting and to cover a large area of farmland. Good access 08.30 to 17.00 Monday to Saturday and other times by arrangement.
We are seeking unwanted material, but may pay transport costs for larger quantities by negotiation.
Near Cooksbridge, near Lewes - East Sussex
Contact: Robin Williams
T: 01273 470667
M: 07736 104770
Feed the anteaters! - Woodchip wanted Howletts Animal Park currently house two Giant Anteaters which regularly use woodchip for nesting and for foraging for food in. Woodchip also creates a natural substrate for the anteaters to walk on simulating their natural environment. We would welcome any donation, no matter how small of any woodchip you are able to spare for the purpose of the anteaters welfare. In return, we are able to provide photos of the animals using your products, media attention for your company, or some free passes to Howletts Wild Animal Park for you to see your donation in use.

Please let me know if you would like to be involved in this project by contacting me (as below) and I will be very happy to discuss further details with you.
Canterbury, Kent
Contact: Georgina Newman, Research & Enrichment Intern, Howletts Wild Animal Park
T: 01227 656789
200 Chestnut rails @ £3.50 each I have good quality 200 chestnut rails 9ft6" in length. £3.50 a rail.
More quality chestnut products to come including posts & stakes.

Good access for lorry etc.
Can be delivered at extra cost.
Ashford not far from the M20
Contact: Adam Lott, Greenwood Forestry
T: 01304 212113
M: 07857 100979
Fencing Peeled and pointed stakes, strainers and rails in stock. Treated or un-treated available.
Special sizes done on request.

Advert Start Date: 11/4/14
Contact: David Price
T: 01939 235720
M: 07967 624036
Pea Sticks For Sale I have pea sticks for sale, 30 per bundle approximately 4ft in length - £7 each collected.
Enquiries about larger quantities are also welcome.
location: Clapham/Arundel
Clapham/Arundel, West Sussex
Contact: Marcus Clear, Clapham Wood Coppice Products
T: 01903 883758
M: 07748 954043
Chestnut Fencing Chestnut fencing: 5'6" stakes - £1.20
Morticed posts - £7.00, Cleft ended rails - £4.90
For price list contact Bayham Fencing.
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Contact: Roy Harris, Bayham Woodlands
T: 01892 891365
Bean Poles and Pea Sticks Hazel coppice products for sale.
Discounts for large orders.
Tipi and Pioneering Poles Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar poles available in range of sizes.
Wilderness Wood, Hadlow Down, East Sussex
Contact: Yarrow, Wilderness Wood
T: 01825 830509
F: 01825 830977
Wooden log fence posts and firewood Wooden 2m long log fence posts and firewood from sustainably managed woodland.
Can deliver small quantities locally.
Ashford, Kent
Contact: Thomas Shelley
T: 01634 660363
M: 07856 444482
Oak Fencing for Sale Oak rails and posts available.
Split or in the round.
Please call for more details.
Ashford, Kent
Contact: Charlie Marland
T: 01233 612008
M: 07548 931966
Bean Poles and Pea Sticks for Sale We have 100s of bundles of bean poles and pea sticks currently for sale 25 per bundle all cut this winter.
Contact: Coppicing Kent
T: 01580 720432
M: 07956 316845
Hazel Hedgeing stakes, Binders Orders taken now for hedgeing stakes and binders, please email for more details.
Contact: Mark Cooper
T: 01722 712490
9ft chestnut poles wanted Is there such a thing as a 9 foot, 2-3 inch top diameter, peeled (or non-peeled), pointed
sweet chestnut stake.
If so how much would 200 cost?
SW England
Contact: Tim Price
T: 01209 821186
Chestnut Stakes , Struts & Strainers Large amount (10000+)chestnut fencing stakes from 4ft - 9ft,also struts and strainers.
Available 7 days a week and we are constantly manufacturing every week. All products delivered anywere in the UK!
Contact: Coppicing Kent
T: 01580 720432
M: 07956 316845
Cleft Chestnut Stakes 6' cleft chestnut stakes £1.35 each, FSC-certified.
Contact: Greg Vickers
M: 07774 164 205
Willow Faggots We have a large selection of Willow Faggots for sale.
Mostly inert but some live are available.
Priced at £5.00p each size approx for 0.3m x 1.6 - 2m.
Larger 0.3 x 3 -5m available(limited numbers)price on request.
Collection only.
Contact: Burnham Willow Ltd
T: 01328 710115
M: 07748 446777
Oak Posts 4" x 5" x 8ft long Oak Posts,
Good quality @ £25.00 each,
2nd quality @ £15.00 each
Reigate, Surrey
Contact: Vic Muggeridge, M & L Contractors
T/F: 020 8786 7383
M: 07703 519639
FENCING CONTRACTOR All types of fencing undertaken, top class materials, experienced tradesmen, fully insured.
Probably the best fencing contractors in Beds/Bucks/Herts.
Contact: Stephen Varty
T: 01525 874906
M: 07867 563227
Wanted. 200+ 8' chestnut posts 200+ 8' peeled chestnut posts for vineyard use
Crowborough, East Sussex
Contact: Marsh Slatter
M: 07983 359330
Hedgelaying Stakes Pointed hedging stakes 5' 6" in height, 2" diameter, approx 150 available.
Horam, East Sussex
Contact: Dominic Parrette
T: 01323 844094
M: 07957 898899
Live Willow Stakes Large quantity of live willow stakes sawn to order.
Contact: Mark Butler
M: 07757 897299
Rustic Poles Sweet Chestnut poles cut to order suitable for trellis work, rose arches and fencing.
Herstmonceux, East Sussex
Contact: Dominic Parrette
T: 01323 844094
M: 07957 898899
STAKES & BINDERS WANTED. Wanted, hedgelaying stakes and binders, any species considered, large or small quantities, can collect.
Hedgelaying undertaken.
Beds Herts & Bucks area
Contact: Andrew Burnage
T: 01582 881316
M: 07770 353898
Christmas Trees - Holly Christmas Trees 5ft upward required
Holly trees (Large Areas)required for sensible pruning.
Unmanaged or clearance sites considered.
Will cut and extract (Oct - Nov cut unsuitable)
Contact: Graham Vidler, Galloway Forestry Contractors
M: 07912 103537
Chestnut Posts and Strainers for Sale 500 ended Chestnut 6' posts for fencing for sale, rounds and half split rounds. Cut last winter split and ended last month. Ride side access for tipper, artic access can be arranged. 30 7' straining posts also.
Arundel, West Sussex
Contact: Broadleaves
M: 07890 413869
Hazel gads wanted Spar maker in need of hazel to make thatching spars.
Will buy cut or uncut.
Contact: Geoff Loosemore
T: 01363 83047
M: 07587148695
Spruce poles for tipis etc. Spruce poles. Beautifully straight with the bark still on.
88No. @ 6 metre long and 24No.@ 4.5 metre long
5cm-11cm top diameter.

Stored in a barn just north of Brighton with easy access but could be put on road side.
Stanmer, near Brighton
Contact: Jonathan Swain
M: 07775 643286
Sweet Chestnut Fencing Products Suppliers of Sweet Chestnut products, direct from the wood. We can supply cleft rails and posts, stakes, strainers, struts, tree stakes, horse jumps and more. All our products are cut to order so any size and dimension can be supplied. No order to big or too small. Installation and countryside management services available. For more information or a price list, please get in touch.
Midhurst, West Sussex
Contact: Matt Wills
T: 01730 810768
M: 07505 094 691
Chestnut products All chestnut products
Chestnut stakes
Straining posts
Cleft chestnut post and rail
From £12 per bay
Staplehurst, Kent
Contact: Bushells Fencing
T: 01580 715508
Chestnut Pales wanted Various lengths. Good rates paid.
Contact: Maggie Sweeney, McArthur Fencing Ltd.
T: 01424 882888
F: 01424 882559
M: 07866 387532
Chestnut Produce Chestnut stakes from £1. Post and Rail fencing from £14.50 per bay. Gate posts from £15. Also seasoned chestnut logs £60 per load.
East Sussex
Contact: Mark Allam
T: 01424 777807
M: 07852 332650
Coppiced Chestnut poles, and associated products for sale. Winter felled chestnut for sale. 25 years old, so good range of sizes, from 4 -10 inch.

Post and rail fencing, cleft gates, gate hurdles etc. also available. Processed to order.
West Sussex
Contact: Richard Bates, Green Wood Creations
T: 07717 667649
Chestnut fencing Chestnut stakes,strainers,palings,post and rail etc
all made to order good prices and quality,
please call for details and prices.
Ashford, Kent
Contact: Charlie Marland
T: 01233 612008
Round Fencing Bars 150 t of Larch Bars 6'2" min 5" tdub available mid March 2011.
Roadside for collection or can deliver.
Contact: Graham Vidler, Galloway Forestry Contractors
M: 07912 103537
Hazel rods for sale Excellent quality hazel suitable for hedgelaying and hurdle making.
Tunbridge Wells
Contact: Tim Dwyer
M: 07400 951584
Straight hazel rods Straight hazel rods ideal for hedging or thatching from ancient coppiced woodland. Orders taken now for delivery late jan/early feb. £9 for a bundle of 10 sticks @ 10-15 foot long. Can deliver for a small extra charge.
Debenham, Suffolk
Contact: Steve Western
T: 01728 685320
Hazel rods for sale Coppiced hazel rods prime quality rods 10 foot +
long cut to order ideal for hurdlemaking, hedgelaying etc possible discounts and delivery for large orders
Contact: Charlie Marland
T: 01233 612008
Chestnut Products Always Available All chestnut products available.

Example 5'6" x 3" to 4" top peeled and pointed post @ £0.75.
Example 7' x 6"+ top peeld strainer @ £4.
9'6" rails ended @ £4.80.
Split posts or sawn 6"x4" available (morticed or blank).
Rye/Tenterden area
Contact: Rother Forestry
M: 07788 645524
Hazel & Willow Fencing Continuous weave Hazel and Willow fencing. Constructed on-site to your specification.
Service available in South east London area only.
Contact: Jenny Morgan
T: 020 7703 9914
M: 07949 622318
Post and Rail, Stakes, Chestnut Gate Posts,
Rustic Poles, Chestnut Firewood / Chipwood
Lamberhurst, Kent
Contact: Andrew Chapman
T: 07774 926424
Wood chips Wood chips available.
Also chestnut peelings.
Contact: Danny Cradduck, D&S Tree Surgery
M: 07731 326972
Chestnut products Standard 5'6 stakes, 8ft stakes, post and rail, all made 2 order also blank or pointed lengths any size cut to order
Contact: Danny Cradduck, D&S Tree Surgery
M: 07731 326972
CGW Chestnut Products CGW Chestnut - Suppliers of Sweet Chestnut products, direct from the wood. We can supply cleft rails and posts, stakes, strainers, struts, tree stakes and more. Installation and countryside management services available. For more information or a price list, please get in touch.
Contact: CGW Chestnut & Countryside Management
M: 07505 094 691
Fencing Chestnut post and rail fencing, posts, strainers, stakes etc
Contact: Gordon Bishop
T: 01732 353162
M: 07855 649950
Wood Chip needed for school Nature Garden We are in the process of developing our school wildlife/nature area and we are looking for a supplier of wood-chip in the local area. As this is a school/community based project, we were hoping the wood-chip could be sourced for free.
Wandle Valley School, Carshalton
Contact: Katherine Peck
T: 0208 648 1365
Fresh Sawn Oak Posts Fresh Sawn Oak Fencing Posts, surplus to requirements:
17 x 1st quality 4" x 5" x 8ft @ £25.00 each
13 x 2nd quality 4" x 5" x 8ft @ £15.00 each.
Reigate Hill, Surrey
Contact: Vic Muggeridge, M & L Contractors
T/F: 020 8786 7383
M: 07703 519639
Contact: Kevin Laney
M: 07904 986925
Chestnut lengths for sale Sweet chestnut lengths, any size up to 12ft long, 8inch diameter, strainer posts, fencing stakes, available with bark on or peeled and/ pointed
Contact: Richard Ely
M: 07890 375282
HAZEL HURDLES Quality Hazel wattle hurdles produced in Surrey / Sussex.

Standard panels, or continuous weave in-situ.
Sussex / Surrey
Contact: Gavin McCourt
T: 01273 550143
M: 07717 222272
HAZEL FOR SALE Hazel hedge laying stakes and binders. Bean poles and pea sticks for sale.
Nr. Billingshurst, West Sussex
Contact: Barney Farrell
M: 07754 188974
YEW POLES AND HOLLY POLES Had to clear a large Yew and several Holly two years ago (Feb 2008). Carefully sawn planks and poles all set aside, should be ready now. Am not in this trade, will accept any reasonable offers.
Nr Crawley, West Sussex
Contact: Bart
T: 01342 888136
SWEET CHESTNUT FENCING PRODUCTS: rails, posts, stakes. + lorry loads of stove-wood. lorry access. can deliver smaller local orders.
Haselmere, Surrey
Contact: Lewis Baker
M: 07989 740916
Kent Coppiced Products All types of chestnut fencing from pailings to round wood structures,woodland management,timber extraction,tree surgery etc.
Tenterden, Kent
Contact: Pete Lewis
T: 01233 850183
M: 07875601339
Nr Godalming, Surrey
Contact: Stephen Court, Hascombe Woodyard & Sawmill
T/F: 01483 208525
M: 07889 967299
COLLINS COUNTRYSIDE CARE. Hazel Products: hedge laying materials, bean poles, pea sticks, river faggots, rods or woven fencing.
Contact: Paul Collins, Collins' Countryside Care
M: 07779 096373
THE WOODYARD at Shipley, nr Horsham. Open to the public and trade for a large range of local woodland produce inc. Woodchip, Mulch, Bean/Pea sticks, Chestnut Fencing, Rustic Poles, Furniture, Planters, Hurdles, Sawn Timber.
Nr Horsham
Contact: Paul Copsey, Heritage Conservation
T: 01403 330236
M: 07885 285 311
COPPICED WILLOW STEMS AVAILABLE: useful for river bank conservation as willow spiling or bundled dry willow faggots. Also good for living willow projects such as live willow tunnels or domes. If you would like some coppiced willow stems or bundles then please contact Sally Pemberton as soon as possible, as it¹s best to plant during thisdormant season if you want living willow.
South East
Contact: Sally Pemberton
T: 01932 227679
M: 07778 370571
Hazel Rods & Faggots Available Hazel rods cut to order, faggots made to order.
Hampshire/Surrey/Berkshire borders
Contact: Simon Farndon
T: 01252 329964
M: 07986 096635
CHESTNUT POLES FOR SALE 3" - 12" dia, any length, from 10p/ft, split rails (1/2 & 1/4) + posts, piles & fencing stake, any quantity -
near Romsey, Hants.
Contact: Dave Bateman
T: 02380 844228 (eve only)
CLAPHAM WOOD COPPICE PRODUCTS Lumpwood charcoal wholesale & retail. Also hazel hedgelaying binders and stakes, hurdle rods, beanpoles & peasticks. Commissions taken for continual length & panel wattles hurdles.
West Sussex
Contact: Marcus Clear, Clapham Wood Coppice Products
T: 01903 883758
M: 07748954043
WOODCHIP for mulch, play areas etc. Large quantities always available,
Nr Petworth.
Contact: James Smith
M: 07900 336720
PEA STICKS /herbaceous border supports, fencing, wattle hurdles, pole barn construction.
Nr. Pulborough
Contact: Roger Watts, Country Crafts
T: 01798 813775
M: 07901 570433
STAKES & BINDERS for hedgelaying, bean & pea sticks, coppice products,
Sussex/Surrey border.
Contact: John Lindfield
T: 01403 251778
M: 07850 598397
CHESTNUT POSTS, SPILES, tree stakes, rustic poles,
Matfield, Kent.
Contact: Cliff Forward, C A Forward & Sons
T: 01892 722408
HAZEL HURDLES, continuous fences, hedge laying, coppice products, pea sticks, bean rods, rustic poles, stakes etc.
Surrey/Hants borders.
Contact: Mark Howard, Farm and Countryside Services
T: 01252 850791
M: 07702 152529
CLEFT OAK AND CHESTNUT RAILS: half posts, stakes, straining posts, struts available. ALL FSC CERTIFIED.
Petworth, W Sussex
Contact: Neil Humphris, Leconfield Estate
T: 01798 342502
M: 07768 618565
WOODCHIP FOR MULCH or woodfuel, large volumes, stored on concrete yard.
West Kent.
Contact: Nigel Baddeley, Kentdown Mushrooms
T: 01474 703164
M: 07803 024726
Woodchip & Cordwood for Sale Loads of uncontaminated woodchip (weed suppressant/water retention)collected or delivered from our yard adjacent to Junction 8 of the M25.
Cordwood for Sale, 15 tonne or 30 m2 loads for open fires or cheap cordwood for stoves.
Reigate Hill, Surrey
Contact: Vic Muggeridge,
T: 020 8786 7383
M: 07703 519639
WOODCHIP, POST & RAIL garden furniture, pergola, etc.
Kent/Sussex border
Contact: Rother Forestry
M: 07788 645524
HEDGING AND ALLOTMENT MATERIALS Hand cut coppiced products ranging from Hedging Stakes and Binders through to Bean Poles and Pea Sticks etc. All harvested from local sustainable woodland projects in the Bromley and Croydon areas.
Bromley / Croydon area
Contact: Robert Sowter
M: 07745 125049
COMPOSTED & FRESH WOOD CHIP Large volumes, can deliver or you can collect.
Based West Kent.
Contact: Nigel Baddeley, Kentdown Mushrooms
T: 01474 703164
M: 07803 024726
HAZEL & LIVE WILLOW for garden sculpture, hedge binders,stakes,beanpoles,peasticks.
Deliver throughout SE region.
Contact: Andy Basham
M: 07971 642243
ROYAL SUSSEX TRADITIONAL TRUGS From local sweet chestnut & recycled cricket bat willow.
E. Sussex
Advert Start Date: 28/8/17
Contact: Robin Tuppen, Trug Men of Herstmonceux
T: 01323 847540
Chestnut Poles Any size cut to order. Hedgelaying stakes. Post, rail & stake blanks.
Contact: David Bloxham, Eden Woodlands
T: 01732 867875
M: 07979 828201
RUSTIC GARDEN FURNITURE All types of garden furniture in stock or made to order,also chainsaw sculptures,fencing & landscaping
Litlington, Alfriston, East Sussex
Contact: Greg Chapman
T: 01424 219637
M: 07527 310560
WATTLE & GATE HURDLES sourced from local sustainably managed woodland.
Meon Valley area, S Hants.
Contact: David Curtis, Sustainable Woodland Products
M: 07814 401872
POST & RAIL Cleft chestnut Post & Rail , Spiles, Tree Stakes, Palings all manufactured and supplied.
All types of fencing can be supplied and erected.
Nr Rye.
Contact: Philip Verrall
T: 01797253570
M: 07840 707289
RUSTIC GARDEN FURNITURE bird tables, planters, rose-arches, trellis from local coppiced chestnut, viewing/orders/sales
A267, Hellingly
Contact: Kim Cornford, J Martin Rustic Garden Furniture
T: 01435 812898
M: 07718 062548
Hazel Bean and pea sticks, stakes and binders, rods for woven fencing.
Haselmere area
Contact: John Martin
M: 07792 682081
OUT OF THE WOODS garden products, woven oak framed fencing, cleft hazel hurdles & hedgelaying.
Swanmore, Hants.
Contact: Darren Hammerton, Out of the Woods
T: 01489 892383
MORTICED POST & RAIL FENCING tree shelter/fencing stakes, chestnut sheep hurdles, fencing straining posts, pergola & trellis poles. Product list available.
Tun Wells
Contact: Roy Harris, Bayham Woodlands
T: 01892 891365
PEA STICKS Herbacious border supports, fencing, wattle hurdles & pole barn construction.
Haywards Heath.
Contact: Geoff Langridge, Country Crafts
T: 01403 865015
M: 07906 912529
CLEFT POST & RAIL chestnut/oak. Pergola poles. All sizes to order,
nr Brenchley, Kent.
Contact: Sulwen & Peter Cornish, Fleetwood Forest Products Ltd
T: 01892 723779
F: 01892 722400
M: 07831 890033
LOCALLY SOURCED & PRODUCED FURNITURE from small dia chestnut on display.
Contact: Charlie Camp
T: 01273 844531
CHESTNUT POLES, PEASTICKS & BEANPOLES All sizes, peeled & pointed as required. Woodchip, mulch, log edging, rose arches, trellis panels. Catalogue. Nr Uckfield
Contact: Wilderness Wood
T: 01825 830509
F: 01825 830977
GARDEN FURNITURE from sweet chestnut or oak, can be made to order. Retail & trade enquiries welcome.
Contact: Nick Long, Dinsdale Woodworks
T: 01424 428035
M: 07957 368364
WANTED- USED OAK FENCE POSTS, any condition. Can collect from Nr Midhurst W. Sussex, for woodturner exclusively using recycled wood.
Midhurst, West Sussex.
Contact: Andy Gill, Phoenix Woodcrafts
T: 01730 810541
M: 07789 688565
HAZEL HURDLES, Hazel hurdles, plant supports, bean poles, pea-sticks, hedgelaying stakes & binders, river revetment faggots. Cleft chestnut post & rail fencing.
Based Surrey
Contact: Rob Stringer
M: 07792 786655
HAZEL RODS bundles x 20. Binders, lights, splits, stakes, beanpoles, peasticks etc. All profits to Sussex Wildlife Trust.
Contact: Richard Ede, Sussex Wildlife Trust
T: 01243 773412
M: 07778 461356
Woven fencing Hedgelaying, living willow screens, tunnels etc, hazel stakes & binders.
Contact: John Martin
M: 07792 682081
CHESTNUT SLEEPERS FOR SALE Sawn, all 8' long, various widths. WOOD CHIP MULCH £12.00/m3. Delivery arranged.
Nr Tonbridge.
Contact: Richard Enderby
T: 01732 746281
M: 07979 960984
BESPOKE COPPICE PRODUCTS Products include, Baskets, Fencing, Gates, Hurdles, Plant Supports, Trellis, Furniture, Garden Structures & Sculptures, Living Willow projects.
Bethersden, Kent.
Contact: Alan Sage, AJS Crafts
T: 01233 820461
WOODCHIP good quality, large and small quantities availble at very reasonable prices if buyer collects. Ideal for weed suppression and as garden mulch.
Heathfield/Mayfield area.
Contact: Lotti de la Bedoyere
T: 01435 873162
CHESTNUT POST & RAIL fencing, chestnut paling fencing,
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